Sunday, March 6, 2011

Head Construction Practice

Just a little bit of practice before I start trying to knock out some of those lessons.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I think it can be said that in all honesty I'm pretty terrible at blogging. Five blog posts made in about a time-frame of a year, then nothing but dead silence since February last year. Hopefully I can put a stop to that... Whether to use this blog as a dumping ground for my developmental sketches or just to vent about stuff aimlessly, anything should be better than simply letting this place sit unused, drifting throughout the internet like some sort of electronic tumbleweed.

I've also been having some trouble lately getting to sleep before 2AM. That might explain the directionless...ness of this blogpost or how half-assed my attempt to redesign my blog looks at the moment.

Anyway, I think chances are why this blog [s]failed[/s] wasn't so swell last time was due to both a lack of commitment on my end and a a lack of establishing clear goals I could achieve with it. I'm not one for writing horribly interesting articles on my favorite topics, which is to say I'll probably write tons but none of them will be worth much, so I feel once again this blog is going to have to focus on my development as an artist/cartoonist/whatever. Hopefully setting art-related goals can address another major problem I have; I've always had a problem forcing myself to do/practice any of the things I actually want to be good at. Whether out of a lack of confidence in my abilities once I compare myself to similar people or just how prone I am to getting horribly distracted by the internet I'm not quite sure. I think the fact I'm half-asleep at the moment is the only reason why I haven't backed out of reattempting this whole blogging thing already.

I don't think I'm actually talking to anyone at the moment, but would listing my goals for this thing in bullet points be more efficient than just vaguely thinking about them? Yeah, probably... I'll probably tie them into John K's cartoon college thing I'm still great full he's running, though lately I've been trying to pick up my life art skills as well... Anyway, here's a list of what I want to achieve by the end of the first half of the year;
  • Complete those fundamental cartoon classes (properly)
  • Make something in Flash at least once a fortnight to keep skills up
  • Get at least a third of the way through Loomis' anatomy book
  • make at least 3 blogposts a week
  • properly finish this blog's redesign beyond the crappy logo
Yeah, that oughta work fine when I log back in tomorrow only half remembering what I typed last night. Anyway, to anybody who stumbles across this, wish me luck.